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Posted by Reflections at Tuesday, December 15, 0 comments. Atheist-te hian, Pathian awm rinna lam hawi hrim hrim an hnawl a, Ringlote Lal Isua pawm lo hian, Lal Isua chanchin hrim hrim hi an ringhlelh a, an awih lo pawm lo a ni. Mostly on Christmas Eve, all means of public transportation were already filled. With his duffel bag slung over his shoulder, he thumbed a ride with a family driving north.

As they rode along, snow began to gently fall. As the roads grew treacherous, the Car skidded off the primitive highway once more. In the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Day, the Car stopped.

He climbed the steps to the porch and stomped the snow from his combat boots. As the door opened, a startled father peered out into the dark that surrounded his son.

Let me get one thing straight before I even start this list. The Bible you see above…. Which, contrary to popular belief, were included in all the original Bibles. And when hee had apprehended him, hee put him in prison, and deliuered him to foure quaternions of souldiers to keepe him, intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.

Why is it so fun? This is much to big of a mistake to overlook. And after all, the King James is the perfect word of God in English. At least that is what they were taught to believe. Posted by Reflections at Thursday, October 01, 0 comments.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The name is derived from a mistake made by the compositors : in the Ten Commandments Exodusthe word not in the sentence " Thou shalt not commit adultery " was omitted, thus changing the sentence into " Thou shalt commit adultery ".

This blunder was spread in a number of copies. I knew the time when great care was had about printing, the Bibles especially, good compositors and the best correctors were gotten being grave and learned men, the paper and the letter rare, and faire every way of the best, but now the paper is nought, the composers boys, and the correctors unlearned.

Posted by Reflections at Tuesday, August 04, 0 comments. Thil Tih-sual rau rau-ah chuan, Mosia Thil tih-sual hi a pawi ber awm e!!

Kanan ram a luh theih loh phah a. Thlarau lama tih-sual neih phei chu a pawi thui lehzual awm e, chatuan a daih dawn si a.

Bible-ah hian Lal Isua tih-lohvah chuan Mosia hi Hruaitu ropui ber a ni. A pawmawm viau. Posted by Reflections at Tuesday, July 14, 0 comments. The Doctrine of Canonicity is the Church's Affirmation of the belief that the 66 books of the Bible comprise the only inspired books that there are.

And because they are inspired, no other books are; they have a unique divine authority by which we follow in our life and belief what they teach. How did the church come to the decision about these 66 books being the normative standard for faith and practice?LINK www. K P Lamtluang, p Hruaitute chu Provisional Committee an dina mite kha an ni. A din ni leh a din dan hi heti teh nuai a nih avang hian hruaitu hmasate pawh hi a chiang mawh ta hle a, chi hniha tarlan mai a chi awm e, hetiangin: Provisional Committee hruaitute Thanhnuna 2.

Bible chang innghahna atan II Timothea hman a ni a. Kristian halai Pawla tel turte chu Presbyterian Kohhran chhunga mi an ni tur a ni a. Inkaihhruaina Dan tawi fel tak siam a ni a, hei hi Synod Executive Committee pawmpuia siam a ni. Central K. Mi pakhat tan term hnih kum 4 bak chelh theih a ni lo. Leader leh General Secretary erawh chu Synod Executive committee ruat a ni.

hmeichhe virgin hriat dan

Kum tin K. Bial leh Branch tinte tan Flag, Emblem chuang siam a ni bawk. Tawi tea Pathian thu hnuk khaikhawmna a tling. Kristian zirtirna dik tak a ni a, chhui chian a dawl em em a ni. Hei hi chhandamna leh rawngbawlna chungchanga Pathian thu ril leh thuk, thu hausa tak a ni. Chanchin ha thuchah laipui chu Chhandamna a ni a, sual vanga chhiat theihna zawng zawng laka chhandamna a ni.

Sual vangin mihringin a dinhmun dik tak a luah zo lo va, Pathian a hriat dan te, amah a inhriat dan te, mi dangte a thlir dan leh a chenna khawvel a thlir dan te a fiah lo phe zo vek a. Sual vanga natna leh thihna chu a hmabak a ni. Chu zawng zawng lak ata chu Lal Isuan amah ringtute chu a chhandam a ni. Pathian rawngbawl kan tih pawh hi kan hriat dan a inang vek lo vang.

Kan hriat lar ber chu Biak In leh Kohhrana rawngbawl a ni.Fanau malsawmna kan dawn dan a in anglo tlangpui a, athen duhthusam anga hmeichhia leh mipa nei chhungkua an awm laiin, a then chu duh ngawih ngawih si fapa nei theilo chhungkua kan tam a rinawm a, fate hi hmeichhia anni emaw mipa annih pawhin an duhawm vek tho va, chutih laiin, nu leh pa enkawltu tur atan mipa fa ngei hi an duhawmin in nghah nan kan hmang tlangpui thin.

Tuna kan chhiar turah hian engtin nge mipa chu kan hrin theih anga, engtiang chiahin nge kan duhthusam a thlen ang tih kan zir dawn ani. Tuna i chhiar tur erawh hi chu, i Pratice rual chiahin i duhthusam a hlawhtling nghal dawn ani tih mithiam chung chuang Dr.

hmeichhe virgin hriat dan

Lendrum Shettle zir chianna thu ziak hi kan rawn hlui a che. Baw sperm kan tih hi X leh Y in a then theih a, X chauh emaw Y hian mihring puitling a siam thei lova, X leh Y kha hmun khatah a infin ngei ngei a ngai ta a, chu thil infin chuan mihring puitling naute a siam ta chauh thin ani.

Chi X leh Y kan tih hi mipa leh hmeichhe sex lama kan dinhmun ang deuh ani a, mipa chi Y hi a tuan a rang in a chhuak hma em em a, chutih laiin a nung rei lova a thi hma bik hle tih ani. Hmeichhe chi X erawh hi chu a tuan a muangin a chuak tlai deuh a, mahse rei tak a nung thei thung a, chuvangchuan mipa chi Y hian a thawh dan tur dik tak leh chak taka a thawh theih nan, tih dan thiam a pawimawh hle a, I han zir teh ang.

Tin, hetiang tih dan phung hi chho daih tawh khan Dr. Lendrum Shettle chuan Fertilizef tegnigue hi a lo zir hmu chhuak diam tawh a, tun thleng hian hei ai a dik hi a awm tawh chuang lo tih NewYork Times chuan a ziak ani. Dave Rorvic nen a chhuah chu khan Copy maktaduai tel an hralh a, Dr. Ei leh in ah duhthlan dan thiam a pawimawh Diet : Hmeichhia te hian period hun chhungin duh duh ei bawrh bawrh loh tur ani a, a tui viau anih pawhin insum a pawimawh hle.

A chhan chu nau in chhung a thil thur acid atam leh tlem hian mipa chi damrei theih nan kawng ro a su hle a, mipa chi Y hian nun theih nan Alkaline a mahmawh sang hle a, Potasium leh Sodiom tamna lam chi theirah Balhla kan tih te leh Pickle ei uar a pawimawh hle. Inpawl hun hriat pawimawh Ovalution Planning : Hmeichhia te hi an thi neih ni atanga ni 16 thleng hi ngun takin chik la, thil tui hnang a tam hun lai te a awm ang. Chu chu remchang ah hman thiam a tul hle. Thi hul atanga ni 16 naa naute siam hi a fuh tlangpui.

Mipa neih pawh a awl bik.

I prodotti enogastronomici calabresi sbarcano a marsiglia

I hriat chian theih nan Ovalution kit pawh lei mai teh. Tichuan, fapa hmel i hmu thuai dawn ani mai. Inpawl laiin awmdan thiam a pawimawh intercourse position : Mipa chi Y hi Hmeichhe chi X aiin a daih reilo kan tih tawh kha.

Tichuan, mipa chi in hna tha taka athawh theih nan, rang tak a chhul chhungah a luh khalh a ngai a, chuti tur chuan hmeichhia in mipa sazu full taka aluh theih nan a dawh kar viau a tul hle. Chutichuan mipa chi chuan rang takin a awmna tur ah a thleng thei anih chuan i duhthusam chu a thleng chiang hle dawn ani. Heng thil pathumte hi han practise chhin teh. Pa zawnga lawm ber leh Patling a chhiar ini ve tawh ngei ang. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Monday, April 13, Get help. The Chin Times.Khawvel finna sang chho zelah hian thil engmah hi thuhruk theih pawh ani tawh lova engkim hi alang fai vek ani ber mai. Tunlai khawvelah chuan Virgin nih pawh hi a zahthlak ang lek lek tawh a, mimal nun tumahin kan inthunun zo tawh lova, kan khawtlang leh hnam zia pawh a chhe zo vek tawh tih theih ani ta.

Mahse, a ruk tak chuan nula fel leh thianghlim chu kan ngaisang ru vek tho mai a, engtin nge kan bialnute an thianghlim leh hlim loh a ruk tein kan hriat dan tur i han zir teh ang.

Chal forehead : Maktak maiin nula virgin chal chu a tle zar mai a, a thianghlim bik ani. Hmai bawl leh vun chuar chu an awm ve ngei a, mahse nula thianghlim chal chu a danglam tlat.

Lo chhinchhiah teh i nula kawp mek chal kha a chal a tle zar lo anih chuan a thianghlim tawh lo tihna ani mai. Hnar Nose : Nula thianghlim hnar chu a sen pal thin tih ani. An hnar pawng lai hi pink colour ani ang a, a tle deuh sar thin ang a, fiah lo deuh mahse han nuai sak la a hriat em em ri ngawt.

Chutiang anih loh chuan, a thianghlim tawh lo tihna ani. Mit Eye : Mit meng hian kan rilru put hmang a ti lang hle a, tu pawhin kan in enna lai ber ani awm e. Nula thianghlim mit chu en vang vang la, a chung lam leh hnuai lam ah rin a awm anga chu chu rawng dangin a pawlh miah lovang. A tle zar ang a, a nuih in a hnuai lam mit rin lai kha a che lovang tih ani.

Kawng Back : A kawng leh tai in zawmna lai vel kha en la, a mar bik ang.


Han khawih la a mar solid ang a, i nem nat viau pawn a vun chuar chu chung lam ah a chho hauh lovang. Chutiang anih loh chuan Sorry ani leh mai. Beng Ear : Beng hi hmeichhe chakna ti thawh theihna lai pakhat ani a, beng chhung chunglam a bawk awm kha a fai hiau bik thin ang. Tin, a tle bik ang. Kan beng hi kan pumchhung nen hian a in ang deuha a chung lam bawk kual lai hi kohna hming bik nei vein kidney tih ani a, a hnuai thlalak ang hian Shen men leh Zero point inkar ami hi a nia, he lai tak hi a sen bik ang a, Pink Colour ani ang.

Chutiang anih loha rawng dangin a pawlh anih chuan, Phut zawkna tham thil eng emaw a awm tihna ani. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery.

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Recover your password. Monday, April 13, Get help.

Hmeichhia Zu in mi

The Chin Times. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Ni 10 sung Lei kaw sungih hlomi Thailand nauhak minung July 3, Load more. June 4, February 13, Privacy Policy Disclaimer Terms Contact. July 16, Engvang teh renga vantlang ah mite zik huai huai na ah hetiang hian a khawsak tak mai le.

Mi panngai tan chuan zahna chang hriat hliah hliah na tham a ni a, chutiang in mi mawl ber te tan pawh in thil tih chi a nilo tih chu hriat reng reng a ni. Hmeichhe pakhat chuan Jakarta ah News hrang hrang Headline a siam chuai chuai a, he hmeichhia hi West Jakarta a Tamansari district a damdawi zawrhna hmun Pharmacy ah chuan sa ruak in a kal teu teu mai. Social Network lama a putchhuah hnu in miten an bengkhawn zui nghal viau bawk.

Coconuts in a tarlan dan in he hmeichhia hian a hnute chu a kut in a hup a, Pharmacy a a thil duh a tih zawh hian hmanhmawh ang reng takin Taxi lam a pan nghal vut.

Cst practice test

Couple te chuan muangchang in a hnungah an zui a, kutdawh nih ringin pawisa pek an tum. A darh chiam hnu chuan Investiagation neih a ni a, Coconuts in a tarlan dan in he hmeichhia hi man a ni a, zawhna an zawtfiah thu an sawi. Officer in a nihna a hmuh hnu ah an man a, he hmeichhia hi kum 26 mi Vionina Magdalena a ni.

A chenna in South Jakarta a Setiabudi ah man a nih thu an sawi.


Miten a an hmuh chuan he hmeichhia hi rilru lama chian lohna a nei a nih loh chuan Drugs vanga hetia awm hi a nih an ring. Indonesia lam ah hian hetianga Pornography lam kaihhnawih hi an duh lovin an khuahkhirh hle niin an sawi bawk. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

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Monday, April 13, Get help. The Chin Times. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Police lem changin nula tam tak tihder December 3, March 11, Tun tum December kal ta kha, kan lawm hle mai maw! Kum kha leh chen kan lo hmuh leh hriat tawh, duh vang ni lo a sawn pai an tam leh ang. Hunpui, a bikin Krismas lehKumthar kan hman dan hi kan lawm ber hian a thil duh 1oh pawl tak a ni maithei. Mahse Mizo te hi kan la chhe lutuk bik lo e, chhantlak kan la awm e.

Tun a ka sawi duh chu, ka damlo en ngei te pawhin nau an pai theih hunlai hi an hre fuh thei tlat lo hi a ni.

Audio ic list

Chutiang avanga nau pai lawk lo te pawh an awm nual a ni. Hmeichhe tam ber chuan ni 28 inkar danah an nei tlangpui a.

A awmzia chu thi neih tan ni atanga thi neih leh inkar a ni mai. Ni 28 kher kar dan lo pawh, a aia hma deuh leh rei deuh zawk te, mumal lo taka nei te pawh an awm tho thin. I chhut dan tur chu i thi neih thin dan ang ang a, a lai tak tihna a ni. A hmeichhe chi hi darkar 24 chauh a nung a, hemi chhung a mipa chi a tawn fuh loh chuan, naute mutna tur a an siam zawng zawng kha thiah leh vek a ngai a, bawlhhlawh a lo ni ta a, a lo chhuak a, thi nei an ni ta a ni.

Tunah chuan hmeichhe chi chan hun leh a nun rei lam kan hre ta a. Naupai lo a inpawl an tam in, naupai tum an tam bawk a, hmeichhe rai theih hun chu ni khat chauh mah nise a danglam hret hret theih avangin, rai ngei ngei theih hun chhung kan sawifiah ang. Kan sawi t awh ang khan, thi neih hun a in an thlap thlap reng loh avangin ti hian kan chhut ang.

I thi neih ni atang khan chhiar la, ni 12 thleng chu rai theih loh a ni a, ni 12 atanga ni 18 inkar, chu chu i thi neih ni atanga chhiar a ni 12,13,14,15,16,17,18 chhung hi rai awlsam hunlai ber a ni tih hria ang che.

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A then kan khawlo ta sa sa, rai, sawn pai lo a hman ve i duh a nih pawhin chhinchhiah ang che. A bak ni dang zawng hi chu rai theih loh hun ang a nih chu. Condom tel loin sex hmang suh tih ang reng in tar thluah mai hi chu a mawi lo khawp mai. Anti tho tho tih avanga hmanraw pek hi, mi in zu a in dawn tho tho a, a tha chi ngei in mai turin kan keng fur ang a, kan sem mai dawn em ni 1e?

hmeichhe virgin hriat dan

Thil tha lo na na na chu a ti lo tur zawngin inzirtir a va hun zawk em, HIV vanga kan pulh vek chu ka ring lem lo.Hmeichhe tan chuan thil pawimawh tak a ni, Thianghlim tak leh hrisel that chauhin nupa nun hlimna famkim a hmuh theih si a.

Hmeichhe serh a bacteria a awm tawh chuan, serh atang chhuak thin tui hnang var kha a rimchhe zual thin a ni. Tichuan a rawng pawh a eng deuh emaw vut rawng deuhin a rawn inthlak thin bawk.

hmeichhe virgin hriat dan

Lassi Myanmar ah chuan Dai chhin tih a ni ah hian Tampo thianghlom chiah a serh chhungah thun tur ani a, a hnawih theih bawk. Apple vinegar no khat chu inBualna no ah emaw tui nen pawlhin tah chuan serh chu minute 20 vel chiah tur a ni, A ziaawm hma chu tuktin a tih theih bawk. Hmeichhe serh ah bacteria a luh chuan purun var a hlanga ei hi inenkawl nana thil tha tak niin niin an sawi bawk.

H1N1 vangin 21 an thi tawh. Thluak thatna. Cancer damdawi an siam thei dawn. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your Daily News. By Johnny Kima On Jan 21, Hmeichhe serha bacteria a awm thih hriat theih dan awlsam chu Hmeichhe serh a bacteria a awm tawh chuan, serh atang chhuak thin tui hnang var kha a rimchhe zual thin a ni. Johnny Kima.

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